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American Academy of Pediatrics Bright Futures
Health care promotion and disease prevention initiative that uses a developmentally based approach to address children’s health care needs.

Brazelton Touchpoints Center Family Resources

Values, principles, and practices that guide the work of the providers and caregivers involved in your child’s life.


Center for Early Literacy Learning (CELL)
Resources for early intervention practitioners, parents, and caregivers of children birth to five with identified disabilities and developmental delays.


Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning, Vanderbilt University
CSEFEL is focused on promoting the social-emotional development and school readiness of young children birth to age 5.


Child Care Council of Nassau
Information and referrals for child care in Nassau County.


Developmental Milestone checklist in English and Spanish
Compare this resource to our milestone list.


Developmental Red Flags
Signs and Symptoms of Developmental Delays


Head Start Parent Directory and Resource Guide
This directory lists more than 250 organizations with resources and information on parenting and more.


Infants & Toddlers, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
If your child is age three or younger, this information will help you learn how to give your child a healthy start to life.

Institute for Parenting at Adelphi

Parent and provider resources including support training groups and training.


Long Island Parenting Institute
Workshop and classes to teach, support, and empower families.


Multilingual Parent Resource Sheets, FRP Canada
Parenting resource sheets available in many languages.


New York State Early Intervention Program – A Parent’s Guide


New York State Family Resources
Resources for parents
, and children, including websites, books, and magazines professionals.


Association for Science in Autism Research
A wealth of resources for parents and professionals.


Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Association
, and support for individuals on the spectrum information.


Autism Research Institute Autism Society of America


Autism Spectrum Disorder
Signs and symptoms of ASD.


Autism Society
Resources and information about autism and treatment.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Autism Spectrum Disorder


The Cody Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities
Located in Port Jefferson, the Cody Center provides evaluations, services, in-and conferences services

Different Roads 

A great resource for a wide variety of ABA material.


Parent and family resources including in-services and conferences.

Sensory Overload Guide

It discusses sensory overload and tips on how to manage it.

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